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Swallow Soul healing bug

Update 1: Looks like weapon enchants are affecting the heal amount

Update 2: After respeccing it seems strife is not affected by the reduction, I also did not spec into Soul Siphoner as I believe this may be causing the healing reduction

Update 3: Strife is affected by the heal reduction if you have an enchanted weapon and melee attack first then use strife

VR1 High Elf Nightblade

I've come across a reproducible bug with the healing from swallow soul

Basically if you cast elemental blockade(any aoe seems to trigger this though) and then cast swallow soul the healing is reduced significantly, almost as if the percentage heal is being calculated off the previous ability used.

I have noticed quite a few times where I am using only single target abilities and the healing amount is reduced mid-fight but I am unable to ascertain which skills are causing this as it can happen randomly.

I find this to be a very irritating issue as my survivability is cut short dramatically :neutral_face:

Edit: This issue was happening pre 1.2.3 but I have only got around to posting it now apologies for my laziness
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  • Taiminator
    I've just noticed this happening, not sure what caused it though. I didnt have any AoE skill on my bar. was using Crippling Grasp and Funnel Health and at some point the heal ticks went down to 10-15 from the usual 200-350.
    Pact Bosmer Nightblade DPS, Tank or healer
  • Samadhi
    I've been having a new issue occasionally where if I use Funnel Health as an opener, it applies damage and puts me into combat but doesn't actually give me any HoT at all.

    Very frustrating. :neutral_face:
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