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Ritual of Rebirth Patch 1.2.3


i have read the Patchnotes 1.2.3 and see that they have tuned down the Selfheal from 50% to 30%, the same that the Lingering Ritual Morph has.

I am a little confused about it because i mean that they have tuned up the Ritual of Rebirth Morph to 50% in one of the last Patches before. I don`t find this Information, do i misread something and if not why they change it to 30% now?

This spell is the only Selfheal in large Groups that the Caster heals "first" so i can plan this heal right in a fight, to save my Life. They should push this Spell with a faster Casttime or higher Radius in Addition to a 50% Bonus Selfheal.

At this Point i can only say, make all the Healspells heals the Caster too without losing a Charge from them. The Smartheal-Function could be helpfull then.

MFG Murmeltier.
Edited by Murmeltier on June 26, 2014 8:02AM
  • cameo
    Yeah it was a dumb change, I thought the main reason of using that skill was to save your own butt unlike a lot of the other spells. There is no real benefit with that spell over the base now really. Unless they make the spell cast faster as it ranks up, like Lingerings heal goes up with ranks. Right now Rank 1 vs Rank 4 is no different.
  • Rev Rielle
    Rev Rielle
    It's benefit is only the faster cast time now, yes. I'm not really sure why it was changed.
    It would have been nice if it's cast time was improved a little more to compensate for this reduction. But that being said I still use the morph, for those 0.3 seconds can mean all the difference in combat.
    It's a bit of a pro-active healing spell due to it's cast time and it takes a little getting use to because of that. But otherwise it's an incredibly powerful spell. In fact it's too powerful to be reduced in casting time much further or else it would become horribly overpowered.
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