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Major FPS hit after last patch. Let us have the option of turning the advanced lighting off.

please give us a way to turn off the new lighting system for older pcs I don't care if it looks bad. Before I was able to play the game on high with 50 to 60 FPS (turned some settings down for pvp and raids)

now cyrodil with absolute complete flat line minimum settings i'm getting 20 or less FPS in just small skirmishes and unplayable 1 to 5 in big ones.

anchors seem to have a framerate loss too (some of them at least) particularly the top left dolmen in deshaan - when I break it I get staggeringly bad FPS for about 5 seconds

overall outdoor FPS loss of about 5ish since the patch (not a big deal but I thought lighting was indoors only)

getting 20 to 30 FPS indoors in some areas (bank of mournhold) where I use to get over 60 on high.

dungeon runs I use to go at high with particles low I'm getting pretty low even at almost flat line (30 or less in combat depending on how lit the area is)

the archive raid during some trash pulls and rooms I'm getting a significant drop even with flat line graphics and after a mass res or after we kill the wisp queen everyone gets unplayably low FPS in my raid.

strangely enough I got a fps GAIN on the mage boss during the execute phase.

8 gigs ram

AMD FX 6300

Radeon HD 7770

(I know my stuff is low end but should I have gone from being able to play on high with 50ish fps to flat line with 20 to 30 especially in cyrodil?)
  • Jarnhand
    Its not just this simple. There are huge fps drops in Cyrodiil all the time, where there is (as far as I can understand) no change in lightning. There is something in the patch that makes the whole game engine kneel, totally.
    It was bad before (game does NOT use available CPU/GPU resources, I got another thread on this), and now its close to unplayable.
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