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Official Discussion Thread for "Loremaster’s Archive: Inexplicable Patron"

This is the official discussion thread for the blog article Loremaster’s Archive: Inexplicable Patron. Next week, Telenger the Artificer will enlighten us on the topic of runestones and enchantment, so be sure to post your questions below or send us an email.
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Staff Post
  • LadyNerevar
    This series continues to deliver. "(current) Mundus" is definitely my favorite part :)
    Librarian at the Imperial Library
  • Nazon_Katts
    Fantastic read, indeed! :D
    Though I do not often concern myself with society, someone must battle the tide of ignorance.
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    Divayth says: “Your attempts at humor are both feeble and dim. Therefore I predict a great future for you as a comedian in the cornerclubs, as you will surely appeal to the masses.”

    Honni soit qui mal y pense... ;)
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  • Greg
    I'm not a lore freak so i did not understand half of this excuse my ignorance
  • Magister_Aena
    Please, please tel me we get to see Divayth and his daughter-wives in the game soon.
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  • phtony06b14_ESO
    As I type this, I'm waiting for ESO to become unstuck. I will eventually have to alt/tab/del & end the eso.exe process...yet again & reboot the game. My point: You can make all the greatest content in the world but if we can't play it, why bother?

    Yes I am mad bro.
  • Sotha_Sil
    Collectively, these gods are called the Tribunal, the triune ALMSIVI, three deities exemplifying Dunmeri virtues. Almalexia is Mercy, Vivec is Mastery, and Sotha Sil is Mystery.

    And I, Sotha Sil (the one and only), will rule Morrowind this time ! Join the Tribunal and true heroes of the Elder Scrolls with the Ebonheart pact !
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