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SET Bonus are cumulative for piece of gear?

Soul Shriven
For instance:

Seducer's Set:
3 items - Reduce cost of spells by 3%.
5 items - Adds 15 Magicka Recovery

I realized that the bonus "reduce cost of spells by 3%" is cumulative, that means each piece that I put, my skills cost 3% less. However, the bonus "adds 15 Magicka Recovery", although I am using 6 pieces, not accumulates.

This is a bug, or was meant to be like that? How should I know before testing, whether a bonus is cumulative or not?

Thank you!

  • Vantor
    That must be a bug. Set bonuses shouldn't be cumulative as far as i know.
    Edited by Vantor on May 30, 2014 4:57PM
    Invictus EU Guild Officer
  • guircoelho
    Soul Shriven
    I was wrong. My light armor passive skills reduce costs of spells for 3% each. That's why! o:)
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