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Setting file?

Some add ons say to delete its settings file before updating to the new version of the add on. Can someone tell me where this is exactly. I have an idea but I'm finding a few spots where I'm seeing the settings.
  • Vantor
    Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live(eu)\SavedVariables if i recall correctly. At work at the moment.
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  • zgrssd
    <your user profile>\Documents\Elder ScrollsOnline\<build flavor>\SavedVariables\<Name of the Addon>.lua
    Note that there is a delay between unloading a Addon and the file being written

    But I am wondering that they are saying this. There is a very solid versioning system in the SavedVariables. Getting rid of previous values should be a mater of changing 1 constant. I used it myself.
    Only thing I can think of is that the earlier version collected data and they want to be certain they get rid of all of it (so it does not clutter up the harddrive).
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