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Lost Achievements...

Just noticed that I have lost Achievements for Quests Adventuring in all three previous Aldmeri Dominion areas prior to Malabal Tor and my current Reaper's March. By lost I mean that status show 0 out of so many being completed.

This is a game stopper for me since I'm already so fed up with so many other constant difficulties.
  • leandro.800ub17_ESO
    This hapened to alot of us
  • RatsnevE
    And how was it resolved? Can support magically return the achievements or do you replay all the quests in again?
  • ZOS_JasonI
    Hey there, @RatsnevE‌. This is currently the result of a UI error, but rest assured, you are receiving credit for completing these quests. We plan to push a fix as soon as possible to solve this issue. Thanks for your patience!
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  • Leesha
    Glad to see this will be resolved soon!
    Edited by Leesha on May 30, 2014 8:30PM
  • Rhythm
    Will this fix also address the issue of missing main quest Ebonheart Pact achievements? Particularly "Skald King's Arrow" "Skald King's Salvation" and "Giant's Friend"

    These were never able to be acquired, and did not unlock after completed the respected quests, although I have most certainly completed them.
    Edited by Rhythm on June 1, 2014 7:44PM
  • RatsnevE
    My missing achievements have all been restored now with the 1.1.4 update. Check your troubled achievements and if any are still missing post a new /bug or a new thread.
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