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LF Focused PVE guild on NA AD// Templar Tank Heals or Dps.

I am a Experienced MMO player with about 10 Years Spread out over Many games. Including WoW, Eve, Swtor, Gw2, Aion, And now Eso.

For many Years in Wow I was in a Very Hard core raiding guild that ran 4-5 Nights a week. I am no longer looking for that Level of dedication, However I would like to find a Simi-Hard core guild, Or in other words Focused yet Relaxed.

Currently in ESO I am Playing a Templar, As of Writing this I am Light Armor Healing / Destro staffs. however I have played, and can return to if needed Heavy Armor Tank. And Willing to play any dps style needed.

I am looking for a Guild on N/A server that is serving the AD.
Looking for a Fun relaxed guild that still progresses and has weekly Pve Events, However is not opposed to some Pvp from time to time as-well.

I am Married and have a son and work full time so most of my playtime is in the evenings and weekends.

If you would be interested in getting to know me better or feel that your guild might have a spot for me please feel free to contact me Via Pm on the Forums or @Sananab in Game
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
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