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Question about Enchanting.

So, im trying to understand exactly how Weapon Enchants work.
This is what I have came up with (dont know if this is off or on)

A sword has 100 damage
Enchant : Deals 30 Unresistable damage

Does this mean the sword now does 130 damage, 30 of it unresistable
Or does it mean the sword still does 100, but 30 of it is unresistable.

Also, does this effect Stam abilites?
And does it effect Magic abilities?

I would really like to have a few views on this, and an explanation because I just dont know.
  • meghuskoow
    They stack to 130 id my understanding with the 30 being unredistable.
  • Sorin289
    Yes, i found this out. However, this damage doesnt effect class based skills.
    So as a nightblade, I only use 2 weapon abilities for swords... I dont see a reason to spend the money on the enchants when my ambush will hit the same no matter what.
  • Sorin289
    Also - your weapons do not impact your skills dmg unless you have Precise. And, since the weapon enchants dont effect the skills.. as a DW nightblade that uses mostly class, it seems pointless.

    however, im curious on how this works for staffs. Since, i was told weapon enchants do not work for magicka abilities, i think thats wrong.. whats the point in putting an enchant on a staff then..
    I would assume weapon enchants only work for WEAPON based abilities, which is fine, however I think the weapons should impact the skills a bit more.
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