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Is there a skill bar builds add-on?

I have looked for a while now and I have not been able to find a mod that allows you to predefine a skill build out and switch between them. Maybe it's a part of a larger "Does-Everything" add-on? Does anything like this exist or is it even possible with the current API? Currently we only have the weapon swap option. It would be nice if, with an add-on, we could predefine a skill set for the current weapon, map keys, then switch between those. For example, I might want to use a different set of skills for my sword-and-shield when in PvP vs soloing or I need to go fill my soul gems. Currently I have to stop what i'm doing (sometimes even in the middle of pvp!), press K, go and drag my new skills onto my bar, etc then remember to put them back later. Thank you!
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