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REQ: New Werewolf UI resource bar* Devour Cooldown

I am looking to a UI bar that will show me the cooldown on my Devour after I eat an corpse.

I prefer an ESO style timer bar, like the Horse Stam bar and same location.

Quick visual:



Werewolf_Bar is the duration of Werewolf form
Devour_Bar would be this requested addon

I feel with the recent fixes / changed done to the werewolf as a whole (ZOS Bug fixing), Knowing the exact amount of time before you can feed again is very important!! Also having it appear like the Horse Stam bar fits well into Vanilla UI theme and the prefect place to house your hunger

The bar could function as follows.
1. Fully filled
2. While Devouring the bar slowly depletes, showing the player when the ability is about/finished.
3. Once Devouring is finished the bar is totaly empty.
4. Bar slowly fills, once fully filled again the play can Devour another corpse.

For the Wolf Pack and Happy Hunting!!!
  • zgrssd
    I have not played as a WW yet, but I would guess the lockout on devour is done via a buff/debuff. It's just the usualy way this stuff is done in MMO's.
    If so any buff tracker might be able to track it. And of course only with buff tracker precision (wich means it is a guess value at best).
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