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Looking For Some Add Ons

Is there an add on that shows the locations of fishing holes? Or how about one that would automatically re-draw your weapon, after looting chests and other containers, or even any other action that makes you sheathe your weapon? Finally it would be nice to have one that would color in the map, or give you some other option to show you the areas you have been through.
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  • kewl
    "Finally it would be nice to have one that would color in the map, or give you some other option to show you the areas you have been through."

  • gamegenius86
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    There are two addons that tell you where you have been.

    First: Heat Map (with Fog of War) by pills

    Secondly: True Exploration by Shinni (Inspired from pills version)
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    Author of:
    ggFrames: Highly Customizable Unit Frame
    ggTacticalTide: War Statistics in Cryodill
    ggChatEmojis: Emojis for Chat
  • zgrssd
    Practicaly everything you ask for is a Map or Compas related addon. So this topic might hacve one or more the the droids you are looking for:

    Fishing Holes:
    If this is about matching bait to Holes, there is a easier answer:

    Unsheathing weapons:
    You could try setting the sheat key. As there is no actuall delay in combat actions from sheating/unsheathing your weapon and any attack action will jsut cancel teh unsheat animation anyway I do not quite see the purpose of this.
    There is a Addon that goes into the opposite direction:
    Maybe you can ask the Author for a additonal option to "not stow it"?
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