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Mail is broken again (still?)

Since the latest update I will clear out my mail of the 5 daily material entries. The mailbox will show empty. After porting somewhere the mail notification will show 5 mails waiting and the mailbox has the "You have undelivered mail that may take several minutes to appear." The only way to clear it is to quit and login again.
  • Necrotech_Master
    i sometimes see that too after i claim say hireling mails, then ill port and it says i have mails but not really

    they usually do go away on their own eventually, if you port around enough or when it resyncs the mail like if you actually got new mail
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  • Displaced_Salad
    Just when you think you've finally seen the end of the mail bug, it pulls itself from the grave, slightly altered by decay, to terrorize the ESO populace. TL;DR - me too
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  • NeKryXe
    It's happening on my account right now.


    I already tried /reloadui also log out and in again, but it doesn't solve it.

    Is there any trick to force the mail to appear? I bought some stuff that I needed to receive today to complete something. I wasn't aware that the mail was broken. I have a lot of space free on my mail and it's all stuck. What can I do?
  • ADarklore
    Seems like the problem is, if a bunch of messages come in all at once, and you immediately go into your mail and open/delete them all right away... the system doesn't seem to recognize that you've received them. I've had this happen SEVERAL times when that's occurred, but never happened if I let mail sit for a period of time and then open and delete them.

    What makes it even worse, is that it seems like you cannot receive NEW mail while this error is sitting there. The only way I have been able to usually get rid of it, is to completely log out and log back in. Doing a /reloadui has never resolved the issue, but completely logging out and logging back in usually resolves it- OR - logging out and back in on a different character if the mail error persists on a single character.
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  • petanko
    The only way to clear it is to quit and login again.

    You can buy something from a trader and it'll clear. If you already bought and looted something in this area, you'll need to change the zone or wait some 5-10 min. Nothing is easy in this world...

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