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Desync position bug

There has been a specific bug for years where you are knocked back by skills that change your location, you can get stuck in this state for a long time, this comes from the following skills: javelin, clenc, scatter shot, leap, meteor.

I have died from this bug hundreds of times and selected the most revealing ones, where there is absolutely no doubt about what is happening, it was rare to see it before, but time goes by, and more and more people use it to gain an advantage.

Indicative and detailed in the video below.
  • Ruslanchik
    Hi all. I myself have not encountered such a bug ... Although I have already been playing teso for 3 years.
    However, if players have similar problems (and I think that there are quite a few such players who suffer from such a bug), then developers need to take note of this.
  • enChalune
    Soul Shriven
    Faced this bug sometimes. I think developers should fix this, otherwise it becomes unpleasant to play...

  • Sidewaves89
    I guess this is PC EU. Had same bug few times, but my favorite one is when you are pulled to the position where the server thinks you should be without loading screen, as if you are being pulled into a singularity. Something like this, but I was dragged for about 100 meters.

    I hope new servers in april will solve this problem.
    Edited by Sidewaves89 on 21 March 2023 11:20
  • The_Titan_Tim
    There’s around a second or two delay before actions are registered in the game, and that number isn’t static, it’s dynamic. When you are walking around and all of a sudden have no resources, and then die, it’s to desync. This doesn’t just happen in PvP, it happens in PvE all of the time too, you’ll find yourself roll dodging out of AoEs and then dying to them, with your body landing outside of them, and this is due to that positional desync, because in your game you were outside of it, but the server registered it late.

    People want to list countless problems with this game as the “biggest” problem… but Desync is the one that will eventually kill this game.

    When people feel cheated, they leave, and that’s exactly how you feel when you get to the final boss in a trifecta and die to something you clearly avoided, or get snipe/crossbow glitched and die instantly in PvP to 5k damage ticks.
  • SulMatuul
    Soul Shriven
    I get this bug in prime time from every third knockdown. If you don't get a second stun after that, then you won't be able to do anything for a few minutes. That's why some players deliberately spam skills like javelin, chain and magnum shot to desync you.
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