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Which Should Have an Increased Drop-Rate?

Which of the following do you feel should have an increased drop-rate, and why?
Edited by Ch4mpTW on 19 March 2017 17:38
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Which Should Have an Increased Drop-Rate? 221 votes

Furnishing Materials (e.g. Bast)
zergbase_ESOSorianaSantieClawsAimoraAlienSlofSoupDragonKharnisNebthet78GilGaladDreadhsif1978kongkimAjaxduoFooWasHeredarkstar2084ArgrunapaulsimonpsWrathmaneAtraisMachinaaliyavanaAmyxleexownsxu 37 votes
Gold Upgrades (e.g. Rosin)
Grunimvailjohn_ESOColoursYouHaveWtrengalord_dalFettkeewlflguy147ub17_ESOLumiHatchetHaroschipIdinuseAromakdsaltertherrieurDDemonBlake6332phairdonbitelsMgghoolMyerscod 49 votes
Perfect Roe
SolarikenJabberMashillenotimetocareAriokoSanMarktoneth3Andrewb967SydneyGreydaggerfallingbunnydaisuki 10 votes
Giles.floydub17_ESOAromak 2 votes
Furniture Plans
Calculated_RiskZinarothsnakester320Shazah 4 votes
Master Writs
Nestorlaurajfalenae1b14_ESOKyle1983b14_ESOlinktwodragonb14_ESOwenchmore420b14_ESOIruil_ESOAlex_LexElyuhondelinkFlaminirBergisMacBriderootimusSergunMorimizoCurragraigueCynnaliaPersonofsecretsHetairaBruceLeeroy91 28 votes
ItsMeTooBRogueNZSruHvzedakarma69SibeniceGodthabChandraNalaarSTEVILMeri20098max_onlysnizly 12 votes
Artistimb16_ESO85Anath_QAlinielMasterSpatulaAFrostWolfcyclonus11Enemy-of-ColdharbourshadelonSinjahAsmaelFrostFallFoxMinute_WaltzFischblutMarquemesmerizedishSotomaiorBombashamanErenhald 19 votes
Zone Style Materials (e.g. Rogue's Soot)
Vipstaakki 1 vote
Other (Please Explain)
TabbycatAcrolasyodasedlolo_01b16_ESOTurelusjedtb16_ESOkwisatzKanedaSyndromefioskaljbjondeaueb17_ESOphaneub17_ESOMalthorneStillianztyhurstub17_ESOyotanutAhPook_Is_HereHand_BaconJbSmoothEdziuTaleof2Cities 59 votes
  • Voxicity
    Other (Please Explain)
    Vox-ir - AVA rank 31 - Flawless Conqueror - Dro Mathra - Amberplasm - Count - Master Angler forever in progress
    PC EU AD
  • redspecter23
    Other (Please Explain)
    None of those require higher drop rates.
    Bal-Busters - PC/NA
  • Eirella
    Other (Please Explain)
    KaiVox22 wrote: »

    (PC/NA) - | @Eirella - formerly @jinxgames | CP 800+ | Mainly PvPer (EP) | name is pronounced Ay-rel-la =D
    Stormheart, Frostheart, Emberheart
    Proc sets have destroyed PVP.
    Twitter | YouTube Channel
  • alexkdd99
    Master Writs
    Ch4mpTW wrote: »
    In my opinion, gold upgrades need to be more common. It's very demoralizing to breakdown a thousand or so ancestor silk, and walk away with 7 to 9 wax to show for it. ._.

    That is not a bad return. Gold upgrade mats are really abundant right now. I think mainly because no new sets have been released lately.

    If anything they need to be rarer. It should not be common for everyone to have multiple gold sets, or to be able to gold stuff just because.

    I voted for master writs, mainly because they mostly sell cosmetic fluff. The crafting stations are ok. Attunables are nice if you can get 1. The dps dummy is the best thing there imo. Atleast on console anyways, since we had no easy way to test dps.
  • Meri20098
    Nirnroot is missing from the poll.

    That has been my bottleneck lately.

    There's a ton in the hollow city and near water. Craglorn has a bunch too

    Feel free to add me. I'm part of Savage Blade PC/Mac NA server. Master crafter and working on getting 9 traits on everything
  • jedtb16_ESO
    Other (Please Explain)
    none.... they are fine as they are.

    rare stuff should be just that....rare.
    pc eu eso+

    paraphrasing soren kierkegaard.... when we look at the forum all we can do is laugh.
  • mtwiggz
    Other (Please Explain)
    Items with good traits. Sharpened weapons are BiS for just about every build, yet the trait pool is watered down with so many traits that aren't even comparable.
  • Sotomaior
    Soul Shriven
    Motifs in gold coast have a really bad drop rate imo
  • Draqone
    Other (Please Explain)
    Tokens that would allow you to buy a weapon from a dungeon/trial.

    Tokens should be awarded with Undaunted keys and weekly Trail reward chests and should allow you to get roughly 1 weapon after doing 15 trials or 45 vet HM dungeons.
    ESO Balance:
    “All skills are equal, but some skills are more equal than others.”
  • Damianos
    Other (Please Explain)
  • ThePonzzz
    Other (Please Explain)
    None. Drop the rate of recipes and blueprints while we're at it too.
  • hagermanj
    Other (Please Explain)
    All of the above.
    I must have really bad RNG.
    PC - NA - AD

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    CROWN CRATES: It don't affect gameplay, it's not mandatory, it's cosmetic only. If it helps to support the game and ZOS, I support it! Say YES to crown crates.
  • sekou_trayvond
  • Tabbycat
    Other (Please Explain)
    As much as I would love to have more of all things, I wouldn't want the increase to flood the market and cause the economy to crash.
    Founder and Co-GM of The Psijic Order Guild (NA)
  • code65536
    Sharp vMA staves.
    PC/NA ― GM of The Merchant's Reserve ― Raid Lead for Nightfighters

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    DC – Redguard Sorceress – DD – Rallina Oryx
    DC – Argonian Nightblade – DD – Gàrak

    DC – Dunmer Nightblade – DD – Raven Oryx   ☙

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  • obscure7
    Very specifically:
    - Draugr motif
    - Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia items - both the cipher and the dust

    What needs to drop less (a whole lot less):
    - Training and Prosperous on cp160 gear
    PC NA
  • Acrolas
    Other (Please Explain)
    More guts.

    The fish don't care if it came from a rabbit or a bandit.
  • Akrasjel
    Other (Please Explain)
    [PC][EU][Daggerfall Covenant]
    Akrasjel Lanate - Imperial Nightblade | 50 | CP400+

    Member of:
    Traders of the Covenant | DC
    Hammerfell Trading | DC
    Imperial Trading Company | DC

  • Tholian1
    Gold Upgrades (e.g. Rosin)
    Ch4mpTW wrote: »
    In my opinion, gold upgrades need to be more common. It's very demoralizing to breakdown a thousand or so ancestor silk, and walk away with 7 to 9 wax to show for it. ._.

    I'm lucky if I get 2 for my efforts.

  • puffytheslayer
    Other (Please Explain)
    the drop rates for all of the above items should increase for me!
    ^^bad spelling & grammar^^ i know. i don't care. i'm dyslexic.
    So far over CP cap its irrelevant.
    Xbox EU
    YAY you #FinallyFixedTrials i wear my Clockwork Confounder title with pride (even though i have no idea what it means)
    Your'ma MaSofat
    Kjhajit EP NB Ganker (in training) - crafter - master angler - thief
    High Elf AD Sorc (reluctant) pet build - crafter - master angler - stormproof - PvP rank 25 - robbed of flawless by a dumb disconnect #FixTrialsAlready
    Seren Bach
    Redguard AD Stamplar - was a nord tank - stormproof - robbed of flawless by a dumb disconnect #FixTrialsAlready
    Redguard DC sDK - stormproof - Former Empress - robbed of flawless by a dumb disconnect #FixTrialsAlready
    Kha'jay Var
    Khajit AD Sorc - stormproof - gear farmer - robbed of flawless by a dumb disconnect #FixTrialsAlready
    Drusilla The Bloody
    Dark Elf AD mDK - Stormproof - vmaw chainer - robbed of flawless (too many times to rcount) by dumb disconnects #FixTrialsAlready
    Black Sabboth
    Breton AD MageBlade - was an ice blade, now has to settle for an inferno like everyone else!
    Iachau Ast
    Breton AD templar stormproof Healer - ran vma with a purple sharpened SPC resto staff (full spc frontbar, full TBS.1 piece grothdar. precice maelstrom inferno bk bar)
    GoGo Goch
    DarkElf AD MagPlar, max level but no where near finished.
    Cold Fire Storm
    High Elf EP Warden (Magden) my latest stormproof mule - cause that's all the piece of trash is good for
    Argonian EP WArden (maybe a healer maybbe a tank - too soon to tell) level 3
    Anna Reksit
    Orc Stam warden

    (far too many characters made levelled and deleted to mention)
  • Ladislao
    Other (Please Explain)
    mtwiggz wrote: »
    Items with good traits. Sharpened weapons are BiS for just about every build, yet the trait pool is watered down with so many traits that aren't even comparable.

    If it is BiS for you, it does not mean that it is BiS for everyone else. There are a lot of people and builds that need any other trait. And you just want to complicate their lives. What a racism.
  • Zinaroth
    Furniture Plans
    Because I want the achievements!
    Zin A'roth | Nord | Stamina Templar | Ebonheart Pact | Master Angler | 24450 Achievement Points | Hodor | YouTube | Twitch | EU
  • I_killed_Vivec
    Ch4mpTW wrote: »
    In my opinion, gold upgrades need to be more common. It's very demoralizing to breakdown a thousand or so ancestor silk, and walk away with 7 to 9 wax to show for it. ._.

    And that sums up the problem with RNG.

    I refined over 1000 today and got just 3.

    Your RNG experience may be different from mine...
  • Mashille
    Perfect Roe
    Why are you asking for Gold Mat rates to increase at this point?

    Their prices are at an all time record low. Imo gold mats should either be rarer or they should add a new tier above gold?
    Edited by Mashille on 19 March 2017 21:56
    House Baratheon: 'Ours Is The Fury'
  • Juhasow
    Other (Please Explain)
    Sharpened maelstorm flame/lightning staff.....
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    Other (Please Explain)
    Useful traits on useful weapons (e.g. more sharpened moondancer destro staves, less charged twilight remedy bows).
    Beware, this post could contain traces of irony or sarcasm.
  • akl77
    Furnishing Materials (e.g. Bast)
    I'd say furniture mats, as it's the most needed to decorate our homes, yet it take hours to farm for mats just for a single chair.
    Then Draugr motif drop rate is far too rare.
    Edited by akl77 on 19 March 2017 22:12
    PS4 pro NA | Breton Templar 750+ Stormproof | DC
    Breton Warden | AD
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