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Rune Prison too slow?

Rune Prison seems too slow to be useful. Im not even sure if it is possible to cast a meteor and stun Opponent directly bevor it hits him, like the MagDk Meteor forsi Combo.
Am i using it wrong? Could anybody used it as combo with Meteor?
  • ZOS_Kevin
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  • raasdal
    Totally agree. For an "Instant Cast" it has a tremendously long cast time.

    The basic problem seems to be that there is a sort of "travel time". Your opponent will not get stunned until you basically finished the animation. So when you AC it, what you get is a very delayed CC. That can actually be a benefit sometimes, as you can then time all your burst into that CC window. Especially due to the next part, which is mostly annoying as hell;

    The skill will not cast or give anything, if target is CC immune. So you can be clicking your button like a mad, and not really knowing if you are simply not targeting correctly, or of opponent is simply CC immune. This is the worst part for me. I will AC it on my backbar. So when my opponent is not CC'ed, i have no clue if i messed up my AC, if i missed Targeting og if he was simply CC immune.

    Above is my experience so far at least. Will try some addon for the Immunity part.
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  • Feanor
    I agree. The animation is horrible. It’s like the negate animation but the cast just plays and the Rune Cage globe appears after 1s or so in front of your char and then hops to the opponent you actually wanted to CC. Its really not reliable.
    Edited by Feanor on 25. Oktober 2017 11:17
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  • grannas211
    So basically it's use streak offensively or go the destructive reach route?
  • Jurand80
    yep. that or switch to stamblade like i did.
    Edited by Jurand80 on 25. Oktober 2017 11:39
  • Lord-Otto
    grannas211 schrieb: »
    So basically it's use streak offensively or go the destructive reach route?

    Reach can be blocked and dodged, making its CC unreliable at best and totally useless at worst.
    Streak doesn't go through block. CC duration is so short it's actually better to conserve the stamina and not break it. It puts you at an awkard position, making landing that Frag difficult. And its cost stacks, so using it as your main CC can cost you escapability.

    Sadly, I'm afraid we'll have to deal with the travel time.
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