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This is the official thread to discuss the blog article The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #54.
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Staff Post
  • LockeIn
    Loved the music piece!
  • Frough
    With so many game breaking issues going on, why do you still continue to put out these kinds of posts? I would think the front page of your website should include "What we're going to do for you" information instead of a conglomeration of links to things fans made.

    You're really doing yourselves a disservice.
    Edited by Frough on April 16, 2014 5:12AM
  • Elloa
    While your idea is very good, there is no reason for Zenimax to not promote what the community is creating aswell. As creator myself, I feel honnored and motivated to see what I'm doing aknowledged by Zenimax and listed on the first page. It's important for devellopers to take care of their community aswell, and this is a very godo way to encourage creator to continue what they are doing, wich result in promoting the game. This should not be underestimated ;)
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