CMW PvP-PvE guild recruitment Ebonheart Pact

Welcome to the CMW Elder scrolls online guild section, here you will find out about how the guild will be run and how to apply for member, or entry level admin ranks! We have our own teamspeak channel and website, please see the link to the website at the bottom of the page.

First and most important, rules. All the rules of CMW will apply, just to make sure we are clear they will be listed.


  1. No racist or otherwise offensive remarks to anyone in the guild or out of the guild, we must set a good reputation.
  2. No stealing from any player.
  3. Admin ranks are earned not given, do not ask or beg for them.
  4. Do not scam or rip off any player if an item is worth 10 gold do not sell it for 10 thousand gold to someone who doesn't know better.
  5. If you are caught taking items from guild bank, then selling the items. Actions will be taken against you right away.
  6. There will be no multi guilding at the launch, this rule may change but is unlikely.
  7. If you talk back to an admin or leader, after getting a warning this is considered disrespect, you will move up a tier in the black list.
  8. There is NO special treatment to anyone in the guild, regardless of rank or friendship if you broke a rule, you broke the rule!
  9. No griefing or otherwise disrespect is allowed
  10. *rules may be adjusted at game launch depending on unknown elements*
  11. All rules apply to members of the guild, and you are expected to abide by these rules, and to not make a bad reputation for the guild and CMW community

For the first two weeks you are a member of the guild you are on probation, we hold the right to kick you at anytime with no warning and or reason.

Discipline Actions:

  • First you will be warned, this warning will last 24 hours
  • First strike puts you on the black list on the black list there will be 4 tiers
  • Tier 1 you have be warned once now you are on the black list for 1 week, no warnings will be given before moving up a tier
  • Tier 2 you have been warned and still broken a rule, you are now muted in guild chat for 3 days no warring will be given before moving up a tier. You will now be on the Black list for a week and a half; anyone with an admin rank will loose the rank at this point thus becoming general members.
  • Tier 3 after offence 3 you will be removed from the guild for a full week and restricted from events for 1 week while you are not in the guild. You have also earned a spot on the black list for 2 weeks
  • Tier 4 you are kicked from the guild, you had 1 warning, been given a chance with a 3 day mute, and a 1 week kick.
  • We hold the right to kick members at anytime with no warning if things get out of hand


Please note there are more then the 4 ranks, see the member note for the advanced rank
  • The recruit rank is the muted rank, for people that have broken rules.
  • The member rank will have 3 different notes, first will say "on probation till (date)" after joining the guild there will be a two week probation period, where we can kick you at any time with no warring if need be.
  • Second note will say "full member" this is when you have passed your probation period
  • Thirdly it will go to honor member this is the rank at which you can answer questions for new possible recruits, and refer them to admins if need be.
  • The officer rank will have 3 notes the first note saying "Lt of (division)" these players are the admins lieutenant to help them run events. They can also invite/interview new members.
  • The second note will say "officer (division)" these officers are the main officers; they are to set events on the calender, recruit new members, ensure events are run, handle problems in the guild and have a spot on the council and are required to come to the quick bi-weekly meetings unless otherwise engaged. They must let dept lead or leader know if they can't make the meeting ahead of time.
  • The third and final note will say dept-lead, this is the guild masters co-leader they have the same power and say in the guild rules and direction. They are to manage forums recruitment solve problems, read ban appeals, and promote/demote members. they are also to help out in the behind the scene development.
  • The fourth rank is the guild master, they are to handle anything that the other guild leaders can't. The guild leader will manage and delegate as required, and manage the behind the scene development. They may have the equal say as the dept-lead, but the guild master does have the final say if a council meeting can't come to a ruling of any problem or topic.

The Council:

the council will be made up of the top admins IE officer of pvp, pve, RP... ect , the dept-lead, and guild master. there will be fast meetings every two weeks to just keep everyone up to date and discus any problems, the day of the meeting will be determined later.

Officer Ranks And Availability:

Guild lead- crazzyry
Dept lead- jacknifejones
General officer- OPEN

please head to for more information about the community and all the difrent games we play.
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    Apply to join:

    You can either contact crazzyry in-game or fill out this application and someone will get back to you as soon as possible


    please read the rules and make sure you understand, using curse words or swearing is allowed in the guild, we are a mature community!
    1. Any leadership experience in any MMO? if so what was your rank/duties and the name of the game that you held this role in?
    2. Will you be active in the guilds events when you can; and help out with members when and if you can?
    3. Do you plan on sticking it out with the low member count until the guild is active?
    4. are you a member of any other guilds?
    5. please describe yourself, are you talkative, are you the life of the party, are you always looking for a group, ect...
    6. do you plan on joining end game events to progress in pvp and pve with the guild and the guild members?

    *note for 2 and 6 you are not obligated in any way to attend events if you choose not to, we only encourage members to group and have fun to build up friendships*
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