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Skyshards & Lorebooks guide

Hey everyone and welcome to the early access and launch of ESO! I have compiled a number of skyshards and lorebooks guide for those who like to hunt them down and collect them.

Collecting skyshards will grant you skill points you can use to purchase/upgrade abilities while collecting lorebooks will increase your rank within the Mage's Guild. Collecting skyshards is a bit easier due to the very obvious visual clues and the hints given by your achievement window. Collecting lorebooks is a bit harder and require a good eye since they are a bit more hidden. Luckily. I have compiled guides & maps to both for those that like a little assistance.


Craglorn Skyshards
Aldmeri Dominion Skyshards
Daggerfall Covenant Skyshards
Ebonheart Pact Skyshards
Coldharbour Skyshard

Cyrodiil Skyshard

Lorebooks sorted by zone - use this if you are going through a zone and want to pick up all the lorebooks within

Aldmeri Dominion Lorebooks
Daggerfall Covenant Lorebooks
Ebonheart Pact Lorebooks
Coldharbour Lorebooks
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Skyshards & Lorebooks guide | ESO-fashion - armor gallery | Quests guide
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