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The Dark Brotherhood DLC game pack and base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! Read the full patch notes here:

Patch Notes v1.1.4


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.1.4 features additional fixes for gameplay and quests, as well as some miscellaneous fixes including achievements.


Alliance War
  • Fixed an issue that caused very poor client and server performance in Cyrodiil on both megaservers.

Combat & Gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where support abilities appeared to gray out on the ability bar if you targeted a neutral critter, such as a rabbit or a deer.

Alliance War
  • Assault
    • Continuous Attack: Fixed an issue where the weapon damage for this ability was not displaying properly in the character panel after a load screen.

  • Storm Calling
    • Bolt Escape: After using Bolt Escape, the next use within 4 seconds costs 50% more.
    • Endless Fury (Mages’ Fury morph): This ability now restores magicka when you kill enemies with it, as intended.

Crafting & Economy
  • Adjusted the amount of inspiration required for ranks 25 and 26 in order to provide a smoother curve between the ranks.
    • Note: This change will not cause you to go down a rank regardless of where you would have fallen on the inspiration spectrum.

Dungeons & Group Content
  • Fixed an issue with treasure chests so more than one groupmate can now loot the chest before it disappears.

Exploration & Itemization
  • Fixed an issue where Veteran Rank treasure chests were not dropping Veteran Rank enchantment glyphs.
  • Reduced the debuff to armor and spell resist for the Wise Mage Item Set Bonus.
  • We have slightly reduced the rate at which you can get items from chests for completing Magical Anomalies in Craglorn.

  • Fixed an issue where some quest achievements appeared to have vanished after patch 1.1.2. All your achievement data still existed and was not compromised – this was strictly a visual UI issue.

  • Hircine’s Gift: You will now be able to attack in werewolf form while on this quest.
  • Imperial Infiltration: This quest will no longer disappear from your quest log after finding the three spies.

  • Lights of Meridia: You will now receive the achievement if you chose to side with the warriors.

  • Increased the Veteran Points and gold rewards for the following daily quests:
    • Shada’s Tear
    • Rahni’Za
    • Seeker’s Archive
    • Elinhir
    • Spellscar
  • Magical Anomaly crystals no longer grant experience or Veteran Points. The boss creatures that spawn at the end of Magical Anomaly encounters are unchanged.

Reaper’s March
  • The Sorcerer Division: You will no longer be blocked if you kill Einnel or Irgun before the announcer completes the introduction.
The Rift
  • Sinmur’s Fall: This quest will no longer get stuck at the quest step “Defeat all Worm Cultists in the Area.”
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