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Hi there! So the EU server just got patched,
since the patch I haven't been able to log in at all.
I keep getting the error 'Login Timeout'.
I've read up on it and it seems that it's because my launcher isn't updated,
At the minute my version's yet it says Complete - 100%
So apparently my launcher is refusing to download/install the patch.
After googling about a bit I came across a couple of fixes but none worked,
I've tried deleting all host. files and everything in Program data, still to no avail.
I've even tried the copied and pasted answer from the ESO Support team.
If there's anyone out there that knows a way that I can actually fix this thing
and not keep wasting my gametime on daft problems like this,
(without having to reinstall the game for the third time) I'll be eternally grateful.
Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.
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