We will be performing our regular maintenance on the North American server, Monday at 8:00AM EST (1:00PM GMT) and on the European megaserver, Monday at 10:00PM EST (3:00AM GMT Tuesday).

Wir werden am Montag um 14:00 Uhr MEZ planmäßige Wartungsarbeiten auf dem nordamerikanischen und am Dienstag um 04:00 Uhr MEZ auf dem europäischen Megaserver durchführen.

Nous effectuerons notre maintenance régulière sur le mégaserveur nord-américain, lundi à 14h00 (heure de Paris), ainsi que sur le mégaserveur européen mardi à partir de 04h00 (heure de Paris).

login time out

After this maintenance every time I try to log in get the same message... login time out... anyone else having this problem?


  • Getting the same problem. I guess they forgot to roll out the patch when they switched the EU server back on.
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  • +1 same problem! can't login(
  • Scotilla1Scotilla1 Soul Shriven
    Got timeout message and as instructed Logged out before 18.00 and got a minor upload. Then restarted and still cannot login 18.58. Their published messages are confusing. Is Europe dependent on the North American mega server or not. Why such a confusing message as timeout. Why not "server is down for maintenance". Better than the usual error code 103 I suppose. Whole system, forum etc is under stress !!!!
  • edwar368edwar368 Soul Shriven
    Yep, been trying repeatedly for almost an hour now, ever since server came back. If there is a queue, would be nice to see that and be left in it instead of constant "timeout/retry" :'(
    Mind you, have not had much better success with forums.... someone's scalability testing seems pants!!!
  • Same thing here... no patch to download and log in time out!!! its going on for 1 hr here in rome
  • edwar368edwar368 Soul Shriven
    well after 1 and a half hours since the eu servers supposedly "came back up" and constant "login time outs", the launcher suddenly downloaded a patch, and suddenly, I can now log in. Not very reassuring from a technical stand point
  • I got still those problems and and got old patch. how i update it?
  • deleting stuff from the ProgramData folder and host * files fixed the issue temperately...then while playing i got an error message and got kicked out...tried logging back in and it went back to the "Login Timeout" error on the login...trying the ProgramData fix again, might work
  • It's possible the cause of this is too many people logging in at the same time
  • edwar368edwar368 Soul Shriven
    I didnt delete any files to get mine working, however the launcher doesnt update whilst you are trying to log in. So when I fully quit the game, the launcher sprang into life and patched. However, I had tried this every 30 mins or so (fully quitting) so it wasn't just that. I strongly suspect insufficient capacity on the patch servers
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    ProgramData trick worked, logging back in, we'll see if i'll get an ingame error again

    EDIT: seems to be working
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