We will not be performing maintenance on the North American and European megaservers on Monday, December 22nd.

Wir werden am Montag dem 22. Dezember und Dienstag dem 23. Dezember keine planmäßigen Wartungsarbeiten auf dem europäischen und nordamerikanischen Megaserver durchführen.

Nous n’effectuerons pas nos maintenances régulières sur les mégaserveurs nord-américain et européen les lundi 22 décembre et mardi 23 décembre.

How to spec??

I'm a level 7 Templar literally just upgrading what I feel like upgrading. I find it really overwhelming when I watch people on youtube who have been playing the game for as long as me and they are speaking in esoteric terms that I don't understand as they steam roll dungeons and dark anchors...

How do I spec?? Stupid question but really? First MMO here... no idea where to even begin...


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