The maintenance is complete, and the North American megaserver is now back online and available. Thank you for your patience!
We will be performing our regular maintenance on the European megaserver on Monday at 10:00PM EST (Tuesday, 3:00AM GMT).

Die Wartungsarbeiten sind abgeschlossen und der nordamerikanische Megaserver ist wieder online und verfügbar. Vielen Dank für eure Geduld!
Wir werden am Dienstag um 04:00 Uhr MEZ Wartungsarbeiten auf dem europäischen Megaserver durchführen.

La maintenance est désormais terminée et le mégaserveur nord-américain est désormais en ligne et disponible. Merci de votre patience !
Nous effectuerons notre maintenance régulière sur le mégaserveur européen mardi à 04h00 (heure de Paris).

ESO North American Megaserver Downtime - 4/1 to 4/2

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Last night a few North American users reported inventory-related issues with their character account, such as seeing additional inventory items appear, or seeing items that were not earned through gameplay. We've identified and fixed the problem, but the issue necessitated some downtime overnight for the North American megaserver. This problem has not manifested on the European server, so it continues to run as normal. The fix will be implemented as soon as all required pre-testing is complete this morning.

We were already planning to push a new game build to both servers this morning, and we will continue to work towards this. Stay tuned for complete patch note shortly. In addition to this aforementioned priority fix, we are also working quickly to restore our 'send in-game mail' functionality, some content blocking fixes that are preventing some users from finishing quests, and a few other tweaks. Our goal is to have all of these fixes initiated later this morning, eastern US time.

We will update this post as soon as we have an exact timeline for the service to be restored.
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