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Please change the riddle of the pond part or make it player only, have you ever tried to control 30 players that either don't speak English or just ramdomly press stuff ?

This has to be player only or this quest will never be done unless people co-operate ....... really it is was not a great idea for everyone to share these type of quests.

The order of the podiums from the book
N — Sun (yellow)
W — Full Moon (red)
E — Star (blue)
S — Crescent (light blue)

A possible fix for some (Work Around).

1. Abandon quest, log out and re-log in
2. Get quest again, speak with Telvas, then..
3. click south pedestal 3 times
4. click east pedestal 2 times
5. click west pedestal once
6. kill croc

EDITS : Corrected error in the order, confirmed this is the order and added a possible work around.

As of 04/05/2014 the work around will get the quest to work, still nothing official on if its bugged or how is it supposed to work.

Something is not right with the quest.

Thanks all who commented
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