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Official Discussion Thread for "QuakeCon 2014 Wrap-Up"

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This is the official discussion thread for the QuakeCon 2014 Wrap-Up blog article. Thank you to everyone who attended, and tuned into our livestreams!
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  • will there be light and medium armor variants for the imperial daedric armor or is it just heavy?
  • OrchishOrchish ✭✭✭✭✭
    Speaking of heavy armour, was anything mentioned about any upcoming changes to heavy armour? Because it really needs some. It's quite sad to see even the big beefy tanks wearing light armour.
  • DevolosDevolos Soul Shriven
    How about an update on PS4 and Xbox One?
  • KegoKego ✭✭✭✭
    They have to less Hardware Power for ESO in Cryodiil. :disagree:
  • egosumacunnusegosumacunnus ✭✭✭
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    Can someone do me the BS:DW for the video?

    lol they are replacing the VR system with the skill progression from Skyrim. Your creative director really is a waste of money.
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    If real life had a block function i would go out more.

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  • TremulousTremulous ✭✭✭
    Any idea when we can expect some of these changes? Spellcrafting/ WW "balancing"
  • YamarzYamarz Soul Shriven
    Ok, let me see if I got this right: the new PvP system, will it allow PvP outside the PvP zones, Cyrodiil and whatever new ones planned to come? Will PvP be allowed and moreover encouraged in PvE zones like Glenumbra, Deshaan or Greenshade? Let's say, if I am in a lower level zone, in a crowded city, wanting to interact with a NPC, or just read a book etc., a slip and ultimate is unleashed... will that allow other players "hunt" me throughout the game, that is, involving me against my will in PvP?
    Because this is what I understood from the ESO Justice System Preview (Stealing and Murder) - Quakecon 2014...
  • Congratulations on a great QuakeCon 2014 showing! :) Thanks for sharing the livestreams too!
  • KlashnikovKlashnikov Soul Shriven
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    Great updates! Looking forward to them, keep up the good work. Maybe take a look at the alchemy in the next update and make some improvements to make it more worthwhile and add some incentives.
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  • MelianMelian ✭✭✭✭
    Please give us the ability to opt out of solo instances scaling to us. Just give us a toggle somewhere in our settings so, if we so desire, we can have the difficulty remain the same no matter how much we are "struggling".

    Perhaps I'm the only one, but having the instances nerf themselves when I die would basically ruin them for me.
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